Weekly Dev Update #7: Moving Target

(Weekly Dev Updates are moving on to Sundays until further notice. Still been busy on other priority projects. :()

This week I attempted to get some progress on developing the UI framework for the game engine. This is so that I could add UI elements seamlessly and easily as I make them.

For starters, I made a simple UI element that follows the character around and displays coordinate info, and a simple button UI element (that does nothing at the moment)

Simple UI draw experiments

Simple UI draw experiments

Next week I’ll probably continue on with UI framework development. No promises though due to increasingly hectic priorities. :(

Weekly Dev Update #6: Apologies

Hey everyone! Sorry this post was off by several hours away from Wednesday. School projects are keeping li’l ol’ me busy. But I suppose the sooner I get done with more important things, the more time I will eventually get to spend finishing this game.

I would also like to apologize for I will not be able to post anything relatively spectacular for this week. What little dev time I was able to squeeze in was spent mostly on sketching up ideas for upcoming things to code, which includes a base GUI system for creating nifty user interface stuff easily, a system that effectively encapsulates level data, animation systems, and other vague things. Sounds really ambitious if you ask me, since I doubt none of these things will make it to the next dev update. Nothing major was committed to version control today; instead, code ideas, flowcharts and diagrams were listed and drawn down.

I suppose you could call this update a break from all the video and screenshot posts recently, but I kind of feel guilty not posting even a blog entry to let anyone reading know, so here.

Now time to go back to the more important thesis project in Visual Studio.

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Weekly Dev Update #5: Mazes and Maps

This week’s development time has been spent, apart from behind-the-scenes changes to the game engine, refactoring unsightly code to be able to accomodate new features into the RPG game itself (OMG new features). One of the features that made it into this week is a level map system, which makes it easier to add entities into the game world by specifying coordinates and such.

Here’s me testing the level map system by making a simple maze out of it:

Not sure if this will level will make it into the final game. :P

Weekly Dev Update #4: Part of the Draw Queue

Sorry guys, no video footage today. Haven’t really had the time to fix one up, due to other projects taking up higher priority. That won’t be enough to stop the weekly updates though. :D And I’ll at least try to explain details on what I have been doing every week (in non-nerd jargon as much as possible), since I realized that weekly videos and screenshots don’t paint the big picture, especially why there seems to be no major change in how the game looks per week.

So apparently SFML has no inherent draw order management (apart from creating Sprites in a specific desired order) so the development time for this week has been spent mostly on devising a system to handle draw orders via a queue, and depth properties on game objects. Here’s some experiments on that:

Draw Queue Experiment #1

Draw Queue Experiment #1

Draw Queue Experiment #2

Draw Queue Experiment #2

Draw Queue Experiment #3

Draw Queue Experiment #3

Notice I’ve added timestamps and version numbers to test builds. Sorry, no demo uploads til major progress has been done, and that might be a long way to go.

While this seems like a trivial task, as a responsible software designer and developer just hacking usable code which produced acceptable output isn’t going to cut it, since one of the goals of this development reboot was an easily accessible code base for future modifications. One small feature might not be a lot to celebrate about, but deep down in the code project I feel satisfied because I am laying down a more solid foundation for code which I won’t hesitate to modify even if I leave the project for an indefinite period of time.

And also during times I’m not writing code, I’m visualizing game scenes or storylines so there’s an excuse. :P No I’m not sharing plot contents here since that would ruin one of the game’s selling points, now wouldn’t it?

Weekly Dev Update #3: Visibility Tricks

(Argh still can’t decide a proper titling format LOL. But maybe I’ll stick with this one.)

Most coding time for the past week has been spent improving the engine/framework, so nothing much really to brag about real game progress. But look what we have here, appearing/disappearing blocks!

I think it will be a long while before there’s any major progress toward porting the engine I wrote from Game Maker to C#, but I promise incremental update news. :D

Weekly Dev Update #2: Physics!


First, here’s just our Mad Box bouncing across the game screen, while accelerating (some basic physics functionality)

Then, here’s our Mad Box guy walking, while being constrained with bounding boxes and the window boundary (i.e. collision detection and keyboard input testing)

Sorry if this wasn’t what you were really expecting as “progress” for a week’s worth of development. It’s relatively difficult considering that I’m developing a game framework for SFML (for potential future projects) and this game side-by-side, but, again, nothing worth giving up for. It’s just that there’s still a lot of things taking up my valuable developer time. Hopefully I could sort that out within the next weeks, or months, or meh.

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Weekly Dev Update #1: Straight Line Curves?

This means that the weekly development updates will come on Wednesdays. (Hopefully by next week I’ll have something more interesting to post).

Anyway, experimenting with game math, graphics, and what not. I’ve also been reorganizing my C# projects, moving anything reusable I come up with into a separate library project (should the time come for me to make another game in C#) Coding from scratch is a challenge, but nothing too big to hinder or discourage development. :)

Straight Line Curves experiment 1

Straight Line Curves experiment 1

Moar straight line curves

Straight Line Curves experiment 2

Hey, I did promise something development-related every week, right? :D

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